Blaire Lindsay

In our day, occasions where women can get the chance to search, discover and invoke their sublime feminine energies are scarce. Workshops by Blaire Lindsay are designed to present you this opportunity. During the workshops the tools that women can invoke, power and nourish their unique and enchanting feminine lights will be presented.

In our masculine dominated age, women tend to lose their innate thirst for emotion, desire, playfulness and savoring ties. Thus and so, it becomes rather usual to come across women who has lost their ties with their femininity. As a matter of fact, many women have the instinct that they can have a deep connection with their feminine sides. Yes, and this is absolutely possible. But how?

Blaire Lindsay offers you beautiful workshops to teach you how, both practical means with music and dance and with theoretical narrates. Her trainings are based on Tantric enlightenment and Goddess teachings. So, the participants will have learnt the basic attributions of Tantra. We are expecting the participants to the workshops where mantras, person-to-person practices, rituals, narrates, contemplation and movement based exercises (goddess ritual dance, dynamic meditation, oriental dance and yoga) are combined with both serious and joyful games