Ebru Tarhun "Create your dream self"

Ebru Tarhun has cemented her inner journey she has been pursuing since early childhood through many teachers and especially through the Metin Hara trainings she has received following her 15 years of banking career.

Tarhun who indicates that as an Energy Therapist she has been touching the lives of her consultees to help them transform their lives through healing both physically and spiritually. While she adopts the motto “Everything exists as you see them to exist. Everything you see is your own perception. Everything you see is within, not without. Should you know how to see, you can see love, whole universe, and last but not the least your Self. Everything is ‘You’. Thus and so let us bring the enthusiasm and creative within, the real You into the open”, and she states that she will offer you the opportunity to reclaim your inner passion, love and joy.