Selin Denizci Torunoğlu "Move for your body and mental hygiene"

Selin Denizci Torunoglu who was born in 1988 completed her academic studies in 20013 graduating from University of Marmara, School of Physical Education and Sports.

Within this period, she has received Peak Pilates System Level-1 Certification, Functional Training (Richard Tedmars), Personal Fitness Trainer (Blue Vision Fitness Acaddemy), Door Pilates, ACE (America Counsal on Exercise), Level 1 Fitness Coaching Training (Bilek Güresi and Body Building Federation), L.A.F. Protocol Training (Life Pilates), Booty Barre (Tracey Mallet).

She has set out her business life by giving Pilates and Swimming lessons to the corporates. She has worked at Hillside City Club as Pilates and Cardio GYM trainer for four years.