Tugce Tekmen “Let Us Be Aware Of the Unawared”

She was born in 1982 in Istanbul. She was graduated from the University of Bilgi after completing her high school at Uskudar American College. She has worked at the Women’s Health Magazine as health and web editor for five years. She has pursued her spiritual studies in the field of Family Constellations being in the first place, various morphic field studies and the Matrix Energetics that she has currently been practicing after she had set out her spiritual studies with Reiki. She has had the opportunity to mentor more than one thousand consultees..

Tekmen who within all those years has also improved herself in the field of clairvoyance and clairaudience, has always emphasized that she has got lighter each time she mentors a consultee and that she has been yielding incredibly fast transformation on the consultees when employing Matrix Energetics.